What College Coaches are saying about our camp...

"Jerry Wargo's camps are a win-win situation for college coaches and student athletes alike.
As college coaches we get first-hand experiences working with and evaluating top flight 
prospective student athletes. Getting to know the athlete is paramount. The student 
athlete receives national exposure as well as quality instruction from some of the best 
college coaches in the country."
Tom Walter
Head Baseball Coach
University of New Orleans

"The Southern Maryland Baseball Camp is an excellent opportunity for any ballplayer who is
looking to improve their game while gaining exposure to college coaches from across the 
country. This camp will provide eachindividual with some of the best coaching in the game 
of baseball. If you are serious about the game of baseball and aspire to play at the next 
level, I would recommend that you attend this camp. I am looking forward to being part 
of Southern Maryland Baseball Camp Staff for another year."
Brian O'Conner
Head Coach
University of Virginia

Letters received from participants of the Southern Maryland Baseball Camp

Richard & Angela Schoendienst
Belcamp, Maryland

Dear Jerry,

	Our family would like to thank you and your staff in helping Jesse reach a goal 
that he has dreamed about since he has been a small boy.  He has received a baseball 
scholarship to Old Dominion University.  We have been to many camps with both our 
sons for the last eight years and this has been the one that we recommend to all 
kids that are interested in going to the next level in baseball.  
We have traveled all over the U.S. transporting our children up and down the east 
coast on showcase teams and your camp has been the best exposure to colleges.  
Jesse’s dream of playing Division I baseball has been achieved thanks to the 
hard work of you and your staff.

	Jesse has always talked about the motivational speakers that you have 
had at the camp and how impressed he has been by their words.  You individual 
and group instructions have been excellent in quality by using knowledgeable 
college coaches and major league scouts.  All of this superb instruction opened 
Jesse’s mind to what was expected of him in college and how hard he must work 
to be successful.  He always respected everyone’s opinions and ideas because 
he knew the staff were such professionals. 

	As parents we appreciate you diligent work and determination to get 
Jesse to a dream that he has longed to achieve for so many years.  
We highly recommend Southern Maryland Baseball Camp as an excellent training 
and recruiting facility. 

					Richard and Angela Schoendienst

Dear Mr. Wargo,
"My name is Taylor Covey and I just attended your pitching and hitting camp
at The Southern Maryland Camp. I have been to many camps and I thought that this
is the best camp I have been to. There was a lot of good and helpful information
that I learned. The speakers in the classroom and at the beginning of camp were
inspirations to me. They were excellent speakers and had talked about useful topics.
The items they said really got me focused on school life, and in baseball.
They helped me use new techniques that improved my skills. It was great having so
many scouts around and people who knew the game to help us improve. It was a great
experience to come to this camp and I am looking forward to coming back the next 
four years and to go to the summer camps. Once again I would like to thank you for 
running this camp and for doing such a great job helping us/"
Taylor Covey
13 year old - Taylor Covey - Frederick, MD
Attended Southern Maryland Baseball Winter Camp 1999

"I participated in the Southern Maryland Baseball winter camps and summer programs for 
six years. These programs privided me a great opportunity to be scouted by both college
level and professional scouts. The instruction provided in both programs was always excellent.
I'm grateful to Coach Wargo and all those individuals within this organization who assisted
me on the road to starting my professional career with the Phillies. Thanks"
Gavin Floyd
(Gavin was the fourth pick in the first round of the 2001 professional baseball draft - 
signed with the Philadelphia Phillies in August)

"I can't express how much your Southern Maryland Baseball Camp has helped me. Its combination
of instruction from professionals and exposure to college and pro scouts is second to none.
By attending your camp and working on the skills I was taught, I developed into a college
prospect. I also benefited from the details and instruction that the camp provided on the
recruiting process. This knowledge allowed me to pick the school that was right for me. 
The exposure to the numerous college coaches and professional scouts is unbelievable and
creates once in a lifetime opportunities. The Southern Maryland Baseball Camp helped me 
tremendously in finding the perfect place for me to play competitive baseball, develop,
and receive excellent education."
Ryan Eldridge
(Ryan is a Freshman at Princeton University in New Jersey)

"Southern Maryland Baseball provided me a great opportunity to obtain
a baseball scolarship initially from the University of Virginia and in my
junior year of college from the University of South Carolina. Now as I 
start my professional career with the Phillies, I'm greatly appreciative of all
the help that Coach Wargo and his entire staff have provided me over the years.
The sraff's level of commitment for all the athletes is commendable. Thanks."
Mike Floyd
(Mike signed with the Philadelphia Phillies in August)

Letters received from parents of participants attending
Southern Maryland Baseball Camps

"Many thanks to Southern Maryland Baseball. Our son, Robby, is now playing
for Chowan College in North Carolina and would not have had this excellent
opportunity had he not gone to Jerry's camp. No other camp (and there have been several)
had as many college coaches and pro scouts in attendance. Thanks again to Jerry
and all of the excellent instructors for their time and effort."
Bob & Molly Beckman

"I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful opportunities that have transpired
for my son since he began attending the Southern Maryland Baseball Camp (SMBC). Scott's
dream of attending the University of Notre Dame became a reality last November when he 
was offered and accepted a baseball scholarship. A large portion of his success can be 
attributed to the top-notch instruction and exposure he received while attending SMBC.

The quality of individual and group instruction he received from the many
knowledgeable college coaches, major league scouts, and professional camp staff 
was instrumental in his development as a baseball player. I would estimate that
during the six years that Scott attended the SMBC camp, he was seen by approximately
250 college coaches coaches and major league scouts. This exposure helped him to 
receive endless letters of interest, telephone calls, and numerous scolarship offers
from colleges throughout the country.

As a parent, I appreciated hearing about the weekly motivational talks presented to the players
by college coaches and scouts relating to high school grades, character, drugs, alcohol,
tobacco, and the recruitment process.

Hats off to you, Southern Maryland Baseball!"
Denise Bickford

"The Southern Maryland Baseball Camp provides an excellent opportunity to
receive exposure and gain excellent instruction from some of the top college
baseball coaches in the country. The camp enables players to meet coaches on
a personal level. Our son, Dana, is now enrolled at Old Dominion University on a baseball
scholarship. His exposure at the Southern Maryland Baseball Camp and his association
with the staff, particularly Jerry Wargo and Mike Weissmueller, enabled Dana
to reach his goal of playing Division I baseball. Our thanks to you
and your staff for providing this opportunity not only to Dana, but the many
baseball players we have met through our association with Southern Maryland Baseball. It has
been a wonderful and rewarding experience!"
Rick & Carmen Arrowood

Dear Jerry,
Our son is a second year participant in your camp held at Episcopal High School
and we are again pleased with the performance of your staff instructors and 
guest speakers. Your camp always starts on time, there are many work stations
for the players to hone their skills and you have plenty of instructors which
ensures constant training and close supervision by your staff. The lectures
were educational, motivating and answered many questions.
I have recommended your program to one of my co-workers and he's looking forward 
to getting in touch with you about future camps for his twelve year old son.
Thank you Southern Maryland Baseball for helping our son Shawn improve on his
 skills in the game he loves so much. Please pass this message to your staff.
With kind regards,
Mike & Uma Redwine, February 12, 2002

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